Before going through these steps, have a quick review of this page in full, so that you know what to expect.
You will see a pop up at the bottom of the screen that will ask you if you want to 'Run' or 'Save' or similar, depending upon browser, as follows.  If you cannot download via the download button below, see the  manual version instead which allows you to just download the template file.
D1: To download the latest Caldes V8 Developer Excel Template model.
(If your computer will not let you download this kind of file, click here .)

Internet Explorer
Click Run



D2: You might also see a screen titled 'Windows protected your PC' or similar. 
If you see this, click 'More info' 

This will bring up an extra section with a new button that says 'Run anyway'. Click that button. 

D3: You may now see a pop up window like the following. Press Yes to run the installation program and follow on-screen instructions. 

In addition your virus checker may also provide some additional guidance.  You will need to bypass this too.