To use the software you need to add a license.

TRIAL LICENSE: You can create a trial license yourself, without contacting us or purchasing.

FULL LICENSE: If you already have a full license you can log in with your email and password.

Follow these steps: 

  • Open the Caldes Template (Double click on the V8Developer Excel icon on your desktop, if you ran the setup program.)

  • If you recieve a message about circular references, ignore this for now.  This is dealth with later.

  • NOTE: EXCEL ONLINE VERSION: Caldes will not work in Excel Online. Excel Online is too slow. If your template opens up in Excel Online, close it, open Excel Off-line and then open the template from within Excel itself. 

  • Now add the Caldes Task Bar Add-In: (Excel -> 'Insert' Tab -> My Add-ins (or 'My Apps' on older versions of Excel)-> Double click on the Caldes Icon) 

  • You will automatically be taken to the 'LICENSE CHECK' page.   From here, click 'L2: Log in' and follow instructions. 

  • Once you have successfully logged in you will see:  'Welcome to Caldes V8 Developer. This is the "Task Pane (TP)"'.   This means that you have fully installed all of the components required. Now see the next step.
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