Troubleshooting and FAQ's

1. Spreadsheet not Calculating due to Circular References Settings.

This is the most common issue and fixes most calcuation problems.  Keep this setting on at all times.

PC:   Go to File -> Options -> Formulas -> Enable iterative calculation.  Set the maximum iterations to 50 and the Maximum Change to 1.

MAC:  Excel Application -> Excel Menu -> Preferences-> Calculation -> Use iterative calculation.  Set maximum iterations to 50 and Maximum Change to 1.

2. Caldes Right-hand Panel Add-In Missing or Not Working

If you have already installed the Caldes Add-In but can't see it, go to Excel and search for the word 'Add-in'.  It should come up with 'Insert an Add-in'.   (They do keep changing it).  Open up the pop up and click on 'Caldes'.  It should be in the list under 'My Addins'.  Just double click on it. 

You will have to log in again.  Press L1 for a quick license check.  If that does not work press L2.  Not that you should not have to do this every time.  If you do then maybe you have not installed correctly in which case, go back over configuration.

If you are on a Mac and you see an 'i' where the add-in should be
click on that, click on 'Clear Web Cache' and then click 'Reload'.

To further troubleshoot the add in click here .

If the license does not hold and you have a password already,
then we may need to reset your password.

3. New Project Wizard Missing.

If you have started the New Project Wizard and then done something else and want to go back to it, go to Help -> H1 and it should pick up from where you left off.

4. Sections are missing on the appraisal.

First see point 1 above.  If this is correct, have you run the Health check?  This must be run at least once on completion of the New Project Wizard.  To run the Health Check press Help -> H4.

If you have already run the health check you don't need to run it again to show specific sections on the appraisal.  Instead, just press the correct button for the relevant section as below:

For Project Construction fees press Controls -> Q1.
For Finance rows, press Controls -> F4
For Bullet Payments press Controls -> B4
For Units press Units -> U3

5. Excel Freezes when using the mouse scroll wheel.

We have found that if you press any button in the panel and then use your mouse wheel before clicking on the spreadsheet, then the page can freeze.  It will sometimes come back if you wait, or you can MAXIMISE any other Window (e.g. a browser) fully over the spreadsheet and then hide it again and the spreadsheet will come back to life.  This is some kind of Windows / Excel bug. 

To avoid this, always click on the spreadsheet before scrolling.

6.  Files won't save

This is usually because you have the wrong file type selected in the 'Save as type' selection.  E.g. it might say 'OpenDocument Spreadsheet' or something like that. It should say 'Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)'.  If this keeps happening then then you should go to Excel Options ->  Save -> and make sure that the 'Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)' option is selected in the 'Save files in this format' section.

7.  Add-in opens up in a new Browser window.

This is a strange one and has only happened once, on a computer that recently had other issues. The only solution is to reinstall Excel or Office, which should be done by a professional so that you do not lose your work.  In the meantime use a different computer if you have access to one.

8.  Repair Excel

This may fix some crash issues.

  • Reboot your computer (important!)
  • Right click on the Windows start button, and select Control Panel, Programs and Settings.
  • In Apps, Find Office or Excel and click "Modify" or "Change"
  • A repair options dialog will appear. There is both a quick repair and an online repair.
  • Do the quick repair, Open Excel and see if all is fixed.
  • If not, do not do the online repair as it can break Office

9.  Other options

As a last resort, do you have another PC or MAC you can use? 
Can you reinstall Excel / Office?  The odd corrupted Excel version just will not run Add-Ins very well.  It is very rare.

10.  How to hide the Excel selected / highlighted cell

Press the 'Esc' key